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About Eurosource LLC

PB, MDF, and OSB; that's what we do. If these abbreviations mean nothing to you, check here:,

However, if you've come this far, most of you know what these are: Wood-Based Composite Panels. Basically, small pieces of wood, glued together to become a panel, used for furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and structural sheathing. There are other applications too, but the list is long and boring.

EuroSource was founded in 1994 to market the CasTalon particleboard blending tool. Along the way, we grew into the North American supplier of Gisiger/Zesor particleboard blending and milling machinery. This Swiss-made equipment is simply the best in the world at sizing and resinating particleboard furnish. Over the 10 years we've been the North American agent for Gisiger/Zesor, we've listened to our customers, and now offer domestically sourced controls (Allen Bradley), as well as longer-life consumable spares. In 2010, we began offering a leasing program for new machines to make acquisition easier in tight economic times. We view the sale of a new machine as the beginning of a long relationship, not the end of a selling process. The more we learn from our customers about milling and blending, the better our subsequent machines perform.

In 2002, we branched into the spare parts business, offering our North American clients a better alternative than the OEM's for spare parts for their production equipment. A full list of the brands we can offer is found on our spares page, but it's easier to say "if you need it, we can get it". We offer 24/7 emergency service, and have airfreight/courier contracts in place worldwide in cases of extreme urgency. We can also assist you with any emergency freight or customs issues you may have with OEM supplier shipments.

Your uptime is our priority. Unlike a large bureaucracy, we put urgency ahead of accounting. If you need a part that we can supply, your word is good enough for us to get things rolling. We'll worry about the paperwork later.

As we began to sell more new machines through our partnership with Gisiger/Zesor, we found that some of the machines we were replacing hadn't reached the end of their useful lives. We started out by taking some trade-in machines from blender clients, then re-selling the refurbished units internationally. Over time, we began buying and selling all manner of surplus production machines. This has grown to a large part of our business. We maintain an extensive listing of machines available, both as-is, and refurbished. If you have need for a specific type of machine we don't have listed, just fill out our "wish list form".

In the aftermath of the economic downturn that started in 2006, we began offering "whole plant liquidations" for closed facilities. We can offer owners of PB/MDF/OSB mills a one-stop shop for liquidation of your shuttered assets. Our worldwide reach enables us to obtain the highest recovery for your assets, while minimizing the hassles and costs of maintaining closed facilities. We work closely with our counterparts in Europe and Asia to find "new homes" for your production equipment, and offer "broom clean floors" in order to enable the sale of your real estate. We feel that our knowledge of the process, the industry, and the market is unmatched in North America. Depending on your priorities, we will advise the best method of liquidation, with realistic rates of recovery. If you need out of a property quickly, we work with auctioneers throughout North America. If your facility is truly antiquated, we can work through the demolition process to get you the highest return possible.
For our current offerings of complete production facilities, look at our secondhand plants page.

We also offer appraisal services for panel producers in North America, using actual market data, not just a seat-of-the-pants approach. This equipment is highly specialized, and we know its value. Feel free to contact us for a no-fee review of your surplus equipment. We can't guarantee that we can sell everything, but we will guarantee that we won't mislead you about its value.

We aren't a large organization, and we won't say we're perfect. We sell good machines that will give you performance for many years. We answer the phone at 3am when it's an emergency. We come to your mills and try to share what we've learned over the years about blending, milling, spares, and saving money. We like long-term relationships, and when the mistake is on our end, we admit it and fix it.

Thanks for helping us grow over the last 16 years.